Best Gin & Tonic
There are just two ingredients - this is the other one your Gin or Vodka may have been missing. East End Tonic is a premium small batch tonic syrup made with using only the finest ingredients from suppliers who are dedicated to supporting small organic herb farms and sustainable agricultural practices. All of our spices are certified organic, cultivated without chemicals, and ethically wild harvested.



№ 27

East End | Tonic

ZERO Calorie | ZERO Glycemic index | Organic Botanicals and Spices

Our ZERO Calorie Tonic is made with organic botanicals sourced from Mountain Rose Herbs, a company who since 1987 has been sourcing certified organic or pesticide-free plant products that are sustainably harvested. Our № 27 ZERO Calorie Tonic is unique compared to most other Tonics available today. We use LAKANTO’s MonkFruit Sweetener in place of sugar (fructose) to produce a truly unique no calories botanical Tonic. Monk Fruit’s sweetness comes from mogrosides, which the body registers as an herb instead of a sugar. Monk Fruit extract does not elevate blood sugar levels or insulin, making it the perfect Tonic to sip on for people who are managing their blood sugars and weight.

Please note, cold temperatures may cause syrups made with Monk Fruit to crystalize.



№ 28

East End Tonic | Maqui

Our № 28 Maqui Berry Tonic is made with 3 different berries, Maqui Berry, Elder Berry and Bilberry and has a beautiful deep mahogany red color. Most will be familiar with Elder and Bilberry, but the main essence of this botanical tonic is Maqui. An evergreen shrub or small tree belonging to the Elaeaocarpaceae family, native to the temperate rain forests of Chile and Argentina. The berries taste like tart huckleberries and are considered as "superfood." Maqui berries have reportedly been used by the Mapuche natives of Chile and Argentina for centuries.

This is a favorite among non-imbibing friends (5oz Sparkling Water + 3oz. Maqui Berry Syrup ). Also a popular option for Vodka Tonic (1.75oz Vodka + .5oz Maqui Berry Syrup + 3oz Sparkling Water)



№ 29

East End Tonic | Citrom

Our № 29 Citrom Tonic has a perfectly balanced, light citrus note that will compliment any style of gin. We made this Tonic to be the ‘all-around’ Tonic to go with any type of spirit or cocktail recipe that calls for simple syrup and citrus.

This is a favorite among non-imbibing friends to mix up a botanical version of lemonade.